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#ChallengeUs to #InvestInTheBest

CONNECT is perfectly positioned to drive innovation and bring new solutions to market.

When customers tell us their problems, or ideas about 'how things could be done better', we can talk with the relevant members of our innovative supply chain about how we can create a solution to address real problems. We've done it many times before, and we are now on a mission to do MUCH MORE!

What we are really excited about, is if innovative SMEs can spot opportunities to enhance what we do.  Because they are not submerged in our industry, they see things from a fresh perspective.  The 'art of the possible' has the potential for a real stepchange!

So...let us know how we can do things better - #ChallengeUs and we commit that we will #InvestInTheBest.

This is exciting - as everyone is a winner:

  • The SME's solutions can be commercialised - with access to a ready made, possibly global market
  • CONNECT grows its innovative portfolio and enhances its reputation
  • Contractors gain enhanced benefits and the kudos of identifying the problem
  • HS2 Ltd benefits from the overall outcome - a faster, safer, leaner or greener programme.

Every quarter, our innovation team meets to approve new innovations in which to invest, so what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity now!

#ChallengeUs with your idea, by emailing


Join our community and tell us what you do. We will post about your products and services onto our community directory and then people will be able to contact you direct.