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Welcome to CONNECT

CONNECT is an alliance of like-minded companies, all committed to creating value for HS2 Ltd and its contractors through collaborating together. We focus on using new technologies to drive innovation into the UK's construction and infrastructure sectors, helping our customers to deliver works faster, safer, leaner and greener.

The CONNECT alliance launched on 28 June 2017 - if you weren't at the event you can find out all about it by browsing here! Being part of the CONNECT community is exciting and is already shaping a different way of working for us all. We believe that CONNECT can revolutionise the whole area of UK plant, equipment, operators, labour and training, which have traditionally been regarded by procurement teams as totally separate categories. By bringing these intrinsically linked 'pieces of the jigsaw' together we can ultimately create efficiencies and value, at absolutely no extra cost to our customers. CONNECT is a new way of thinking, that is completely about choice and flexibility for our customers. It's so simple - it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Which CONNECT option will YOU choose?

Option 1 - PLUG AND PLAY

The most radical approach, but the one most likely to bring around step-change in your organisation, and maximise the benefits in terms of time, value and profitability.

You can choose to 'plug and play' our entire supply chain solution, commissioning all eleven alliance partners to work together in partnership, to provide a truly integrated, bespoke solution to suit you, your culture and values and your back office arrangements. This option can be completely tailored to address your every priority, including convenient on-site, 'one stop' solutions;  fully integrated locations and deliveries;  state of the art reporting, management information and a no-fuss P2P process, with minimal or zero account queries. 


You can just as easily opt to 'pick and choose' various elements from our alliance portfolio to suit your own company requirements, think of it as the ultimate menu. This approach is absolutely fine with us all - you can rest assured that those companies you DO choose to work with are forward looking and progressive in their approach.  They have all got something special about them that their peers have recognised, and are excited and happy to stand alongside, 'shoulder to shoulder'.  You really can't get better recommendations than that. We absolutely only stake our reputations on fellow companies that we regard as 'best in class', and that have something special and exciting to offer you.


We totally appreciate that some customers will want to procure as you always have always done. If this is you, you can totally regard all of our alliance partners and supply chain as a 'pre-qualified' pool of innovative companies for your review.  We have done some of the hard work for you, and the best news is that we have all committed to share best practice and grow together over the coming years.  So you can rest assured that you will be working with companies that have decided that they are going to evolve faster and stronger than the rest of the competition, and which are constantly learning and developing how to support you better.

If we were to sum up how we feel about CONNECT, we would say that we are excited by the future, and that we are looking forward to playing our part in developing the UK into a world-class centre of civil engineering and construction excellence. If you are interested in finding out more about how CONNECT could work to suit your contract or project, then do get in touch, we would love to meet you and find out exactly how we can help you...