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Harrington Generators International

HGI is the Lead System Architect of competitive technical power solutions. Continually faced with increasingly complex solution challenges from a variety of industry segments that share common traits for mission critical power systems.

HGI's reputation in energy security and continuity is built on trust. HGI has forged a solid reputation within industry as a result of high-performing products that ensure operational efficiency and power resilience in extreme environmental conditions posed within defence, telecoms and rail sectors.

The companies overarching goal is to provide competitive technical power solutions. HGI excel in supplying unrivalled power products that deliver essential power, while maximising customer’s investment.

HGI’s products lay at the heart of:

  • On site rental power solutions
  • Communications, command and control systems
  • Mission services and support
  • Protection and mission / combat systems
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence systems
  • Training and Simulation

The MOD and industry audited manufacturing facilities demonstrate commitment to quality. Operating paralleled lean production lines ensures superior product quality and enables a quick response to urgent operational requirements. With a core belief that working in highly skilled cross functional teams makes the company more creative and productive when faced with a challenging new task and ensures every product shares the same DNA.

Having a team of industry accredited engineers also means HGI Customers can benefit from a comprehensive service support network which enables rapid response 24/7, and an on-site service response within 4 hours of notification (where contracted). Their experience in the service and repair of all generator types brings a swift end to downtime with an associated reduction in costs.

For more information visit:

Contact: Garry Taylor 07850 794 239,