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Altrad Belle

ALTRAD BELLE showcases British manufacturing at its best, as it continues to reinforce its position as ‘No.1 For Light Construction Equipment’.

Altrad Belle products cover: compacting; concreting; cutting; breaking; moving/wheelbarrows; generators; pressure washers and mixing equipment and are specially designed for the rental and construction industry.

The dedicated range of ‘Eco Products’ offers users an informed choice on reducing carbon emissions with the added benefit of low noise levels whilst still providing the highest levels of performance.

The PCLX12/40E Electric Plate Compactor 50kg is ‘almost silent’, ideal for use indoors, poorly ventilated areas and night time or urban usage as its powered by a 1.5kW zero emission environmentally friendly electric motor with either a 110v or 230v option.

The ‘extra performance’ RTX Trench Rammers offer easy starting, reduced noise and low emissions alongside high compaction levels to reduce operating times and environmental impact. Duo 350X Twin Blade Floor Saw provides ‘faster results and less operation times’ with cutting width of 100mm for digging narrow trenches for cable installation. For the use in conjunction with our Extension foot, it is a perfect combination for contractors involved in fitting fibre optic cables or similar applications.

Innovative product development showcases a NEW range of petrol Generators with added features and benefits. Back by popular demand and better than ever, their range of GPX openset, petrol Generators will include innovative stacking frames which use a ‘patent-pending’ clip system to aid storage and minimise manual handling risks. The Belle Warrior Wheelbarrow now provides an innovative solution for all contractors – with low vibration and low noise when transporting bricks and other earth matters as well as withstanding materials such as Tarmac, Asphalt and Wet Concrete. Optional ‘never run flat’ foam filled tyres offer the ultimate solution to the previously unavoidable puncture providing the optimal footprint under load to replicate a pneumatic tyre.

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