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The perfect, innovative HS2 site just got real!

What a team! The CONNECT alliance has been busy this morning putting together the perfect, innovative site for HS2.

We are pleased to report that it is looking suitably impressive and ready for our visitors tomorrow! The idea is that all of our guest SMEs will be able to have a good look round, understand the equipment we use in everyday life 'in situ', talk to our friendly supply chain experts and spot opportunities where they can help us improve and become even more innovative in the future.  We are hoping to hear the words 'Have you ever thought about using ['my product or service'] to help you do this [faster, safer. leaner, greener, more quietly etc].

 By collaborating and taking on board innovative ideas from outside our traditional industry we can create the perfect 'win win' scenario - contracts feeding into HS2 for small companies AND better performance towards HS2 Ltd's strategic goals for everyone in the contracting supply chain!

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