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Andy Street - A Catalyst For Growth

HS2 - the centre of a global industry

The CONNECT alliance was absolutely thrilled to welcome Andy Street, newly elected Mayor of the West Midlands to open our very first CONNECTHS2 event at iCentrum today.

Andy spoke of the twists and turns of the HS2 journey to date, the commitment made towards Phase 2 by the Government in the recent Queens Speech and of the huge benefits HS2 will bring to the entire region in the future.  He also spoke about his delight at seeing Innovation Birmingham packed with entrepreneurs and people wanting to positively collaborate together. 

Andy reiterated the massive amounts of regeneration HS2 will create - not only in terms of integrated transport links but also investment in gentrification in and around Birmingham city centre.  There are enormous opportunities over and above the £56 billion global infrastructure project itself, and he wished everyone well in working together.  We would like to thank Andy for his inspirational words and for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us.


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