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MGF Excavation Safety Solutions

MGF Excavation Safety Solutions specialises in the design, manufacture and provision of modular and bespoke excavation support systems in the UK.

It is committed to providing rail customers with completely engineered safety solutions, for all types of excavation works. It's lightweight, GRiPSHORE® product range enables rapid creation of a safe working environment in shallow confined excavations and has the unique quality of being non electrically conductive, which is particularly useful for rail projects. It can be transported easily and installed manually whilst matching the durability and strength of traditional, heavier aluminium support systems.

MGF's capability to service the rail sector spans both major civil engineering infrastructure schemes through to Network Rail managed improvement projects delivered through cyclical control periods. MGF has achieved the RoSPA Gold Achievement Award for Occupational Health and Safety 2017 for the fourth year running, recognising its robust health and safety management systems and procedures as well as innovation awards for its range of 3D training videos.

Contact: Mark Norton

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